Our Experts Share Their “Know-How”: Property & Finance Guide

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The accumulation of wealth by aging middle class population coupled with the volatility of the stock markets made a large number of people turn to real-estate investing as a mean of protecting and growing their savings as well as securing passive income. A large number of the new condos and houses are purchased by unsophisticated small scale real-estate investors who need advice in investment and landlord/tenant matters as well as other services aimed at reducing their investment risks.  In January, 2015 Russian Guide Publishing House launched the new Russian-language magazine Property & Finance Guide aiming this particular group of private investors in real estate. Our experts write the Legal Advice rubric in the magazine. In every issue we publish the materials containing our “know-how” in the matter, such as:

–        Legal advice about general statements of law, rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants;

–        Facilitation of dispute resolution between landlords and tenants;

–        Legal representation in the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario and in the Small Claims Court and enforcement of judgment;

–        Minimization of risks of potential disputes and saving court time and resources by means of tenant screening and monitoring.

Read Property & Finance Guide (in Russian) on-line:

March 2015, c.26 Question? Answer!

February 2015, c. 28 Knock, Knock! Who’s there?

January 2015, c. 28 How to evict the tenant?