Our fees

Our fees are flexible, reasonable and affordable for the majority of our clients. Depends on the matter and clients’ needs, we charge either block fee or hourly rate.

Our hourly rate is $175.00.

Where the Rules of Conduct permits, we sometimes act on the basis of contingency fees, depending on our clients’ needs and preferences. Occasionally we provide legal services pro bono.

The fees arrangement is disclosed in a retainer agreement, and usually depends on the following:

– the time and effort required and spent;

– the difficulty and importance of the matter;

– whether special skill or service was required and provided;

– the amount involved or the value of the subject matter;

– the results obtained;

– fees authorized by statute or regulation; and

– special circumstances, such as the loss of other retainers, postponement of payment, uncertainty of reward, or urgency.

Except for such clients as may be exempt, all accounts for fees and disbursements are subject to HST.