For Landlords

“Good tenants are your assets, bad tenants are your liabilities.”

Anonymous Landlord

dice and money

A successful real estate business is no different than any other business. You make money when your revenues exceed your costs. If you maximize your revenues while minimizing your costs you make more money. It is that simple.

It seems obvious that to make money of a rental real estate one needs to find good tenants. What is a good tenant is less obvious. How to find good tenants is not obvious at all. Ensuring that a good tenant doesn’t turn into a bad one is something people don’t think of until it’s too late.

At Apriori Legal Services we know who good tenants are and know how to identify them. We ensure that you are protected should the relationships with your tenants deteriorate. We support you every step on the way and recognize the first signs when things may go wrong.  We act before it’s too late.

Apriori Legal Services Professional Corporation specializes in servicing small and medium scale landlords. We work with you and for you to protect your rights, your property, and your income throughout the entire life cycle of landlord-tenant relationships.

We offer an entire array of services including

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