Criminal offences, summary conviction

There are several  categories of criminal offences  under the Criminal Code  in Canada. The most serious offences are called indictable. The minor offences are referred to as summary conviction offences. The maximum penalty for the summary conviction offences does not exceed $5,000 or/ and six months’  imprisonment. Summary conviction offences are always tried in Ontario Court of Justice without a jury. The list of summary conviction offences that we offer our services and legal  representation to our clients can be found below. There is also a category of the offences which  is known as hybrid offences. If your charge is one that falls into this category a Crown prosecutor has a discretion to choose the way to proceed, by indictment or summarily. The choice will affect the forum, the level of the court where the offence will be tried . In case when the Superior Court is chosen, the decision to  make is whether the trial  will be conducted by  the judge alone or  by a judge before a jury.

Summary Offences

Assisting a deserter Section 54;Offences in relation to Members of RCMP Section 56; Engaging in a prize fight Section 83; Carrying weapon while attending public meeting Section 89, Advising reward/immunity Section 143, Indecent acts/Exposure Section 173(1)(b) and 173(2)(b); Nudity Section 174; Causing disturbance, indecent exhibition, loitering, etc. Section 175; Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings Section 176(2)(3); Trespassing at night Section 177; Offensive volatile substance Section 178; Vagrancy Section 179; Keeping gaming or betting house Section 201(2)(a)(b); Keeping Common Bawdy House Section 210(2)(a)(b)(c); Transporting person to a bawdy-house Section 211; Offences in Relation to prostitution Section 213; Unauthorized use of a bodily substance Section 258.1; Taking a motor vehicle or vessel or found therein without consent Section 335; Fraudulently obtaining food, beverage or accommodation Section 364; Pretending to practice witchcraft, etc. Section 365; Indecent telephone calls Section 372 (2); Harassing telephone calls Section 372 (3); Fraudulently obtaining transportation Section 393 (3); Falsifying employment record Section 398; Obtaining carriage by false billing Section 401; Personation at examination Section 404; Falsely claiming royal warrant Section 413; Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates Section 419; Interfering with the saving of a wrecked vessel Section 438 (2); Issuing trade stamps Section 427 (1); Interfering with a marine signal Section 439(1); Interfering with boundary lines Section 442; Slugs and tokens Section 454; Defacing current coins Section 456; Offences by employers Section 425; Likeness of bank notes Section 457.

Hybrid offences

Obstructing or Resisting Peace Officer 129; Impersonating a Peace Officer 130; Swearing false statement 134; Obstructing justice section 39; Public mischief 140; Failure to Appear 145; Corrupting Morals 163; Mailing Obscene Materials 168; Dangerous operation 249; Dangerous waterskiing 250; Fail to stop at Accident Scene 252; Criminal harassment 264; Assault 265; Resisting arrest 270